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Clifford & Nana
are Expecting!!!
November 29, 2021 
December 3, 2021 


Proud Parents


Here at Boyd's Doodles we are proud to introduce the perfect companion for your family.

Motivated by a love for people and a passion for animals and especially the breed that we produce which will make either the perfect companion pet or possible Service Dog. 

Our male dog is an, AKC/ CKC registered Standard Poodle named Clifford.

Clifford is a Seizure Alert Service Dog and is extremely intelligent.

Our female (Nana) is a CKC Registered F1 Irish Doodle. This means that she is 1/2 poodle and 1/2 Irish Setter. Nana also detects Seizures.

Breeding the two has developed into an F1B Irish-Doodle, very intelligent, loving family member which we hope will have the traits of their parents, (Seizure detection)(NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL), giving a family member afflicted with seizures some of his or her freedom back.) or just the perfect intelligent companion for you or your family.

When you and your family come to Boyd's Doodles, you will leave with more love than you ever dreamed. 

We welcome you to become part of our family.

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Boyd's Doodles Upcoming liters Available

We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we strive to make things easier on you and your family by adding a part of our furry family to yours. Take a look below to see what we offer and contact us with any questions. This is why we are a CKC Preferred Breeder.

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Raised in Loving Family Environment

A Stress-Free Experience

Pairing the perfect pup with the right family. We spend time with our puppies in our home like they are part of the family so that they will easily fit into yours. 

Growing up baby

Plenty of Love and Attention

Your pet’s health and happiness is our number one priority. During the time that the puppies are growing, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience. And we never charge extra for snuggles - it’s included.


The Best for Your Pet for your family

We do everything possible to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy. To ensure the safety of your new, CKC Registered, family member each puppy is microchipped and Veterinarian checked before leaving us. Adoption rates are: $2,000.00.

 Call us for details.

(580) 320-9213 or (580) 421-9213



Get in touch to find out more about our puppies, to schedule a virtual visit or 

facetime one of our puppies.

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Puppies Will be available January 17 to 20, 2022

Oklahoma's only

CKC Preferred Breeder

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